Why Didn't Anyone Else Think of This? Interlocking Technology Works Best

The patented DualLiner component bed liner system features five pieces* that lock together to form a complete bedliner. This means you get the durability of custom-fitted sidewalls and the cargo-securing stability of our thick ZeroSkid® skid-free rubber bed mat. A special “C” channel locks the components together to fully protect your truck bed without resorting to drilling or expensive coatings. See the DualLiner Difference.

*Four pieces for certain truck models

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How the DualLiner Bed Liner is Made

We are always proud of the fact that every DualLiner bed liner is made and manufactured right here in the USA. Over the years, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about how a bed liner is made, and so we decided to give our customers a peek inside our meticulous design and manufacturing process that ensures each DualLiner model we offer is the best bed liner available for the truck bed it is meant to protect. View our new video to see how we make DualLiner in the USA.

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