Why Didn't Anyone Else Think of This? Interlocking Technology Works Best

The patented DualLiner component bed liner system features five pieces* that lock together to form a complete bedliner. This means you get the durability of custom-fitted sidewalls and the cargo-securing stability of our thick ZeroSkid® skid-free rubber bed mat. A special “C” channel locks the components together to fully protect your truck bed without resorting to drilling or expensive coatings. See the DualLiner Difference.

*Four pieces for certain truck models

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The Shocking Truth of Static and Drop-In Bed Liners

You’re probably wondering what static electricity has to do with the DualLiner truck bed liner. Most of us think of static electricity as a funny way to zap our friends and family after shuffling across the carpet. And it’s a safe bet that most of us never think about exactly how much power is in every single spark that flows from our fingers, but a single electrostatic discharge (ESD) from your finger can be up to 20,000 volts! With that kind of power, a single spark can cause major problems, and not just for the friends that you can reach.

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The New Custom Camouflage Bed Liner from DualLiner

For obvious reasons, pickup trucks are the overwhelming choice of vehicle for those who love the great outdoors. And likewise, camouflage print clothing is the practical and stylish pick for those who take outdoor and wilderness sports seriously.

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Cover Your Old and Faded Spray-In Bed Liner

We talk a lot about the benefits of choosing our modular DualLiner bed liner instead of a spray-in bed liner. And for good reason! Our patented dual-technology bed liner is the best way to protect the bed of your truck and the cargo you’re hauling. But if you bought a truck that came with a spray-in bed liner already installed you might think that you’re stuck with that choice for the life of your truck. And if that spray-in liner is damaged or stained, it will affect the clean look of your truck and be tough to live with. Fortunately, DualLiner is a perfect option to cover your existing faded spray-in bed liner.

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