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Customers across the country are raving about the ease of installation and incredible durability of the DualLiner bed liner. Read and watch our customers’ DualLiner truck bed liner reviews, and let us know what your experience was like!


  • William K.- 2018 Classic Ram ” My DualLiner was exactly as advertised, I installed it in less than one hour all of the cut outs fit perfectly. The customer service rep that I spoke with was excellent she handled all of my questions, was courteous and knowledgeable. I am not a handy person and was skeptical of the ease in which to install this product. To my great delight it was exactly as advertised. I love the rubber floor mat, so much more useful than the plastic ones I’ve had before. Anything I put in the bed of the truck stays put, you’re not constantly chasing groceries to the Front of the truck bed.”
  • Harvey M.-2019 Classic Ram “I purchased this so that I don’t have to worry about damaging my truck. After all it’s a truck and should be used that way. My boss has a different liner the 1st time he put his mountain bike in his he had a dent. Not with this, I’ve had a snowblower, an apple tree trunk 6′ long, and people ask me why I haul it. I respond just because it’s a new truck, it is still going to be used. Nothing slides on the mat and I believe my boss will be ordering one to replace his. The cost to repair a dent is a few hundred dollars. The piece of mind of the DualLiner priceless! “
  • Erlan G.-2019 New Body Ram 6’4 “Waited for the New Body Ram DualLiner and it was worth the wait! Quality product and easy installation. I love the rubber mat. Not only is it soft on my knees, but it also prevents objects from rolling around. DualLiner’s rep went above and beyond to answer my questions and complete the order. Shipping was incredibly fast. If I had to buy another bed liner, it would be DualLiner in a heartbeat.”
  • Bob Z. – 2019 F-150 “The liner has enhanced the value of my truck as well as offering protection to the truck bed against dents, scratches and other things that would diminish the beauty of the truck. In addition, it allows me to carry a multitude of materials that would impair and/or destroy an unprotected bed. The quality of the product is excellent and the ease of installation amazingly easy. I would recommend this liner to any truck owner as its value both in price and quality are top notch.”
  • Terry B. – 2019 F-150 “Ordered the DualLiner on line for a 2019 ford F-150 Super Crew Short Bed. Liner arrived within 3 days. Instructions were easy to follow. Organized the liner parts, and self installed the bed liner within one hour. All the liner parts fit perfectly inside the truck bed. Gave my truck bed a whole new look for the better. No further worries about damaging my bed.”
  • Jim K. – 2019 F-150 “Took only an hour & a half to put it into my wife’s new 2019 F-150 (the truck is brand new, a week old, so I was going slow and being very careful). Instructions were good as was the online installation video (which I watched prior to the bedliner even arriving). What’s not to love… Easy to order, a breeze to install, fits perfectly and I think it looks more finished than the factory drop-ins I’ve seen. Win – win for everyone. Very, very pleased with the product and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for the best bang for the buck in bedliners.”
  • Stephen C. – 2003 F-250“I ordered my dualLiner after getting my truck because someone had cut a hole in the bed for an exhaust. My plan was to patch the bed and try to preserve it. I was searching the web for ideas and opted to give dualLiner a try seeing that it would totally cover my bed. After installing I was totally glad that I went with the dualLiner seeing that it gave me my bed back and looks great. I was amazed of how easy it was to actually install. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to install a bed liner.”
  • John J. – 2019 Ford F-250 8′“Looked at a lot of liners, mats and spray ons for my new truck and read a lot of reviews. DualLiner is the best of all options. Easily installs for a perfect fit. Great quality! Perfect combination of all liner/mat/spray on options.”
  • David W. – 2019 Ram New Body 5.7“Arrived 08/15/19. Installed today. Excellent product that should protect this truck thoroughly. The heavy duty non skid mat is heavy and durable. Thank you. “
  • Larry L. – 2019 Ram New Body 5.7“Everyone was super. Had to wait a few weeks for the new body style RAM but it was worth the wait. It fit perfectly and took no more than thirty minutes to install. I am very happy with the results. I plan on keeping this truck and I know my bed is protected. Thanks for a great product.”
  • Laurence J. – 2019 Ram New Body 5.7“I’ve been waiting for this 2019 RAM 5.7 new body style bed liner for months. Dualliner came through this week. I had the liner installed within 20 minutes after I opened the box. It is truly as easy as the installation videos make it look. It looks great and fits great. Well worth the wait! “
  • Frank J. – 2017 Silverado “I was looking for a bed liner for my truck. I did not want to spend what a spray-on liner cost. I searched the web and found DualLiner. I was impressed by what I saw and the life-time guarantee and the price. I ordered the liner, it arrived in a few days and I installed it in less than 30 minutes. The liner looks great in my truck and will work great for my needs and to protect my truck’s bed”
  • Lonnie Y. – 2017 Ram “I was excited to order this for my 2017 Ram 1500 crew cab 5 7 bed. When received it was nicely packaged in the box. With all instructions. It was real easy to install. Took about 40 minutes to install. “
  • Danny W. – 2019 F150 “Very well pleased with the fit and finish of this bedliner. Super easy installation. Removal and reinstall of the tie-down hooks took longer than installing of the five pieces from your company. Instructions are easy to understand. This liner has the fit and feel of a factory designed and installed product. Will definitely buy if the need arises again.”
  • Wayne B. – 2018 F150 “I ordered a Bed Liner from DualLiner.com. It arrived in three days. Customer service was great and knowledgeable about the Bed Liner I wanted. I wondered if a kit would line up correctly. To my surprise all the holes lined up perfectly. I installed it approx. 45 minutes. It looks great on my new truck. I would recommend this Bed Liner to anyone. I give it 5 stars +. “
  • Ron H. – 2018 Ram 1500 “I was skeptical when I first landed on their site, but as I looked around, read the reviews, and watched the videos, I gave it a shot. It was $100 less than a spray in liner and appeared to be a quality product. Ordered on a Saturday and arrived in 5 business days-sooner than I’d anticipated. It went in as advertised and given how I use my vehicle, should work very well. I’m pleased with the quality of the pieces. A neighbor saw it once I finished up and thought enough of it to check it out himself.”
  • Michael O. – 2015 F150 “Install was a breeze. Took me over an hour. The build quality is really nice and I know that it will stand up with anything that I put in the bed. I am also glad to see that it is made in America.”
  • Robert B. – 2018 F150 “Kit was exactly as advertised. Hard plastic pieces fit like a glove, thick rubber bed mat keeps cargo from sliding around. Great value, lifetime warranty, made in the U.S., can’t go wrong with this product! “
  • Charles A. – 2016 F150 “Ordering from DualLiner was simple and easy…only took 4 days to arrive with free shipping…install was about an hour but most of that was taking off all the tie downs since they were in there for 3 years and the black flies were terrible….I like the way it is custom fit and it just snapped in place very easily and the padded floor mat is easy on the knees and my granddaughter was jumping around on it and fell and it was like a play mat…didn’t bother her at all…I would highly recommend this liner for any truck especially since you don’t have to scrape the paint off like you do with that spray on liner..this is much nicer and better having a floor mat than that rough stuff to move around on… “
  • Robert C. – 2012 Sierra “I received my Dual Liner within a few days of ordering it direct from the factory. Installation took less than 30 minutes and everything fit perfectly. Love it so far and it looks amazing. I would highly recommend this product made here in the USA.”
  • Phil B. – 2019 F250 “I was able to install this bed liner under an hour and every piece fit perfectly. It looks like it came from the factory but its even better. I couldn’t be happier with the service or the product. Thanks “
  • Danny W. – 2019 F150 “Very well pleased with the fit and finish of this bedliner. Super easy installation. Removal and reinstall of the tie-down hooks took longer than installing of the five pieces from your company. Instructions are easy to understand. This liner has the fit and feel of a factory designed and installed product. Will definitely buy if the need arises again.”
  • Mark W. – 2014 F150 “I’m very pleased with my DualLiner bed liner for my 2014 F150. You won’t believe how easy it is to install. Do the research like I did, and you will find that DualLiner is THE standout.”
  • Richard D. – 2018 F150 “Received on time and ws able to install same day. Installation was easy and fast and instructions were simple to follow. I love the way it looks and fits. Thank you DualLiner, I love it.”
  • Jim C. – 2016 F150 “I’ve always used a one piece bed liner in the past in my trucks. I decided to try a DualLiner and glad I did. Easy to install and excellent fit. Best of all, made in the USA.”
  • Bob M. – 2015 F150 5’6“I liked the way it looked on the internet and all the great comments from other buyers. It looks good. Its looks so good, I hate to put anything on it, but I will. THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!!! PS It took me a little longer to install. I’m almost seventy two years old. I put it in by myself, so it took me 40 minutes taking my time. “
  • Customer review video testimonialDennis D. – 2013 F150“Of the three options I looked at – the hard plastic liner, the bed mat, and the spray-in – this to me by far is the best option…if you’re lookin’ for a bedliner, look into the DualLiner and I think you’ll be happy.”
  • Customer review testimonialScott S. – 2014 Ram 1500“I did quite a bit of research on bedliners…and came to the conclusion that DualLiner was the product that would fill my needs. I’ve been very happy with the product…and would recommend it to family and friends.”
  • 2016-Chevy-Silverado-Bill-croppedBill S. – 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 5’6“After buying my new truck my son told me to put a dual liner in the bed he has one in his 2012 Silverado , glad I did installed in 15 mins. And no holes drilled in the truck, used the adhesive tape , 2 pcs. On the front piece and 2 on the tailgate, And is better than a spray-on because if needed it is removable, and the rubber mat is easy on the knees, and keeps items where you put them. At 399.00 you can not beat this bed liner, Best of all it made in the USA witch was a big part of my decision. This is a highly recommended product ! “
  • Customer review Rob VRob V. – 2014 Ford F150 Lariat 5.5 Bed“Installation was very easy. This appearance and fit are second to none, Everything lined up great. I mean the side and front walls look like a spray on! As for the non skid bottom, it is definitely that. Thick enough to prevent any damage if you happen to drop something. Any the way it tucks into the side panels is great. It is also easy to remove when is time to clean under (I was at the beach and removed the bed bottom to wash out any sand). “
  • Shane H Bedliner ReviewShane H. – 2014 Chevy“I’ve had liners before and I’ve also had a spray-in. I wasn’t happy at all with my spray-in. I wasn’t happy with the way it protected the bed against dents, I also wasn’t happy with the way it looked (it looked sloppy)…this (DualLiner) is going to be a great bedliner”
  • Andrew Mathews Review DualLiner bedlinerAndrew M., Selingsgrove PA – 2015 GMC Sierra “My DualLiner experience could not have been better. The customer support staff always answered all my questions promptly, it arrived exactly when they said it would, and the liner itself is fantastic. Everything fit exactly and lined up perfectly. No trimming required. My total install time was just under 20 minutes. A very high quality product.”
  • cassandra-2015silveradoCassandra., Hawley, PA – 2015 Chevy Silverado “I love this product! I was hesitant to buy a bedliner from anywhere because I wasn’t familiar with what brand to go with but I am beyond grateful for going with my gut and purchasing a DualLiner bedliner. So far since I’ve had it, there have been many rainstorms by me and this product really does work. It keeps all of the water and dirt completely out. You can’t go wrong with this purchase, it is worth every single penny. “
  • Larry Truck Bedliner Review Larry., Dunbar, WI – Chevy Silverado 2500HD  “A bed liner was needed after buying our new truck. I have had many drop in liners and sprayed in liners. All serve a great purpose. With a drop in liner it faded within a few years. The spray in liner also faded but also did not protect from dents and chipped from years of use. I am hopeful this liner will hold up for the life of the truck. It fit great, looks nice and was very simple to put in.”
  • customer-testimonial-john-p.jpg John P., Olive Branch, MS – 2004 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab 5’8 Bed “Installation took about 40 minutes with good instructions. I am very happy with my liner. It looks great in my truck.”
  • testimonial-leo-s-watertownLeo S., Watertown, SD“Installed easier than promised, if that is possible. Looks fantastic. The floor mat is REAL thick and tough. I know because it took FOREVER to cut a hole in it to accommodate my 5th wheel ball. It appears to be a great product. Roxy says it’s very comfy too.”
  • video-testimonial-thomasThomas N. – 2011 F150 “I purchased your Dual Liner for my 2011 F150. It came in a large box within a week. I opened it up, installed it by myself in about 25 minutes, and have enjoyed having it ever since. Besides dirty mountain bikes, surfboards, and other sporting goods, I’ve hauled plenty of things from the lumber yard, and home centers. I love how things don’t slide around, and are protected. I hosed it out the other day and it looks as good as new. I highly recommend this liner over the solid plastic or spray in lines, which I’ve owned both. An all around great product at a fair price.”
  • customerreviews-johnslockportJohn S., Lockport “What a beautiful bed liner. I literally installed it in under 15 minutes. Drop in the load guard panel, snap in the side panels with push pins and rollout connect the bed mat. Watch the installation video before installing your own. It really makes it easy to install. I have had numerous bedliner’s before both Drop in & Sprayed on but nothing like my Dualliner GMF1465. I will NEVER EVER purchase any other type of bedliner. I am a Dualliner customer for life. Thanks Dualliner!!”
  • customerreviews-johnreilleyJohn R., 2015 Chevy Silverado 6.5′ bed “Installed my Dualliner and am very satisfied with it. Today I took my truck back to the dealer Dell Chevy, Paoli, Pa.to show the salesman the new bed liner. At the time of purchase we had discussed spray on liner as well as Drop in liner. I wanted him to see another alternative, perhaps better, to suggest for future customers”
  • Review from Dan in LawndaleDan D., Lawndale, CA“I had to write. I installed my DualLiner yesterday it was very easy. JUST A GREAT PRODUCT!! I was going to do a spray on AND add a rubber bed mat, but threw out that idea when I found your product. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!”
  • video-testimonial-joe-gJoe G. – 2014 GMC“The DualLiner – which had great reviews and looked very well made – was very easy to install…we had it installed in about 30 minutes. I would recommend this bedliner who wants a do-it-yourself quality bedliner.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewAustin K., Normal, IL“I got the liner used but it still looks brand new. It fits like a glove. The zero skid floor works great, I had to haul a couch and it didn’t move an inch. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for a great product.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewLarry N., Rockford, IL“I’ve had every bed liner they make, including carpet. I know Dualliner is the most practical and functional.”
  • testimonial-lou-middlefieldLou O., Middlefield, CT“This was the FIRST time I bought something from a company whose advertisement was completely accurate! Total install was 20 minutes. Quality is first rate and savings over the spray on liner was amazing! Thank you for putting together a top quality product!!!”
  • video-testimonial-richardRichard – 2011 GMC 2500HD“Everything looks real great. Nice thick mat, non-slip surface…overall I’m real happy with it. Goes good with my truck.”
  • Randys TruckRandy W. – Waterloo, IA“I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with this liner! Easy to install, great fit and very heavy duty! Everything about it says quality. I’m sure glad I found this site and changed from the drop in liner!”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewBob M., Cedar Rapids, IA“Just thought I’d shoot you an email in regard to my order. All I can say is Outstanding!”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewJoe P., Hammond, IN. 2004 Ford F-150“GREAT Price and A Great Product.. Very easy and fast install, had it done in about 30 min. It fit perfect, I didnt have to cut or trim anything. Everything just went together as it should. I would buy this again!!”
  • video-testimonial-jeff-sJeff S. – 2014 Ram 1500“One of the best bedliners I’ve ever seen, would recommend it to anybody looking for an alternative to having their brand new truck sprayed with a spray-in bedliner.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewSteve M., Olathe KS“I am very impressed with my new DualLiner. Installation was easy and the quality is top notch. Definitely better than the POS spray on liner that was on there before. I’am very happy and will recommend DualLiner to my friends.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewGarrett S., Charleston, MO“Dualliner was the perfect fit for my new Ford F-250 truck. I have always had rubber bed mats, but always worried about scratching up the sides. Now I am worry free. Thanks Dualliner for your wonderful product. I am a very satisfied customer and will purchase another Dualliner for my next truck!”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewBrandon S., Borger, TX“I am very happy with this purchase. The DualLiner arrived at my home in Texas 4 business days after I ordered it. It was exactly what was advertised and very high quality. I completed the installation by myself with no difficulty. This is an excellent product and I would definitely recommend it to others searching for a bed liner.”
  • Review from Justin in HinesvilleJustin E., Hinesville, GA“The customer service from DualLiner and the installation of the bedliner were both outstanding. I received my DualLiner within four days of ordering it from the website. The installation was simple and everything fit perfectly. I plan on keeping my 2010 F-150 for a long time and I am looking forward to having a dent-free and rust-free pickup bed.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewShawn G., Portland, OR“Nice, simple installation. Good fit and quality materials, Thanks.”
  • video-testimonial-bobbyBobby – Ford F150“First, I like the idea that it was made in the USA. Second, I did not want to get a drop-in bedliner for all the obvious reasons. Third, I didn’t want to get a spray-in because I didn’t like the idea of takin’ a sander to the bed of my truck (that I just bought)…I’m real happy with it, and I think it looks really good.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewBill C., Flagstaff, AZ“It was just as easy to install as indicated in your website instructions. I am very pleased with your product and its versatility to my special (5th wheel hitch) situation.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewWayne P., Fredericktown, PA“This was installed by 2 senior citizens ages 66 and 68 one has a lung problem the other has 2 artificial knees I think we did pretty well.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewSteve R., Stansbury Park, UT“The install video is what sold me on trying it out, I liked the ideas of an easy install, the rubber mat combined with the durable plastic for the side walls and really liked the price.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewMartin J. C., Westmont, Illinois“Very nice unit. Easy to assemble. Fits well. Looks sturdy.”
  • video-testimonial-dan-pDan P. – Chevy 1500“I’m really happy with it right now. It’s easy to keep clean…[the rubber floor] is actually fairly thick. I’ve hauled things around in the back and didn’t even have to watch them roll around or tie them down.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewRobert T., Byron, GA“I purchased your product in part because you offered a $10 discount to your military members… Good for you for recognizing those who sacrifice! Awesome product and the discount is greatly appreciated!”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewMarvin C., Carlsbad, CA“It actually installed just as easy as it did in the video.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewDr Eli S., Webster, NY“The DualLiner bed liner was relatively easy to install. The bed surface is a non-slippery type of material which keeps the load from slipping. The side rails mount beneath the top rails of the bed allowing for the ability to install a cover to the bed which I plan to do. Great product.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewRick D., Santa Fe, NM“Very nice product, installed as shown and the mat thickness is very impressive. This should last as long as the truck if not longer.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewTim F., Pittsburgh, PA“Just bought a new GMC Sierra at the beginning of the year and needed to purchase a bed liner too. After having difficulty trying to use the tie downs with a drop in bed liner on my old truck I needed a change. That’s when I came across DualLiner. I am usually pretty thorough doing research on things I need and this bedliner was listed on top no matter where I went or who I talked to. Made the purchase late January and just installed it yesterday after most of the snow melted away. The installation only took me 30 minutes. Very easy to install. I will test it out this weekend when I have to purchase 10 sheets of plywood for the attic floor. Thanks to DualLiner. I am sure it will live up to its name and durability for years to come.”
  • video-testimonial-tonyTony A. – 2014 GMC“Cara at DualLiner and she took very good care of me…they did real good on the prices and service.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewAnthony B., Winter Haven, FL“You guys are great. I received the DualLiner in just a few days after ordering. I installed it in my daughter’s Silverado in just a few minutes. All was as advertised.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewCarl R., AL“Had to let you know, Guy Shipped from Trucker’s Warehouse in Priceville, AL recommended the DualLiner to me to install in my new Silverado. I thought it looked very good and really liked the idea of a mat I could remove if needed. I was skeptical of the whole “zero skid” promise though, so I had to put it to the test. I went to the grocery store and bought about 5 bags of grocery in plastic bags and simply laid them in the back making no effort to secure the bags. After arriving home, I was AMAZED, none of the bags had moved even an inch! My wife could not understand why I was so enthused and shocked, but after owning several truck and several bedliners, I have never seen one that really worked! Thanks for a truly great product finally!!”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewPhillip M., Marshfield, MA“Nice alternative to other bed liners. Easy to install!”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewRichard S., Bethel, OH“I like the non skid liner and the ability to remove the floor for cleaning. I have had solid liners in the past but this concept is by far the Best…”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewScott S., North Augusta, SC“The installation was easy and quick. The pieces fit together with no modifications. The bedliner works as advertised. Good product and even better customer service.”
  • DualLiner Customer ReviewWilliam C., Middlesex, NJ. 2011 Dodge Ram“I was going to go with a spray-in liner until I saw that they had to sand your bed down to the bare metal. The Dualliner was half the price and I installed it in about 15 minutes! I would never buy another liner.”




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