Bedliner Lifetime Warranty

A lot of truck bedliner manufacturers say they have a “lifetime” warranty, but a recent article by proved that a lot of the guarantees on popular bedliners come up short. Only DualLiner offers a bedliner warranty that:

  • Guarantees that it is fully transferable, meaning that your DualLiner warranty doesn’t end when you sell or trade your truck
  • Is fully compatible with commercial use (most warranties exclude commercial use, if you can believe it)
  • Doesn’t use vague exclusions
  • Fully covers fade on plastic parts
  • Simply stated, we offer a Real Lifetime Warranty on every DualLiner bedliner that we sell. You can download our actual warranty document to see for yourself.
best bedliner warranty guarantee

Bedliner Warranty Details

DualLiner warrants the DualLiner bedliner against defects in material and workmanship for the life of the bedliner. Warranty is transferable to new owner of truck or bedliner. Failures due to improper installation are not covered. DualLiner reserves all rights and privileges with regard to warranty determination. Please contact DualLiner at 800-992-1949 for any warranty questions.

Limited liability: The foregoing remedy of component replacement is at the manufacturer’s discretion and is the buyer’s sole remedy. Manufactured components are subject to variance. Both polyethylene and rubber components are effected by heat, cold, sun and other environmental factors. Due to these tolerances it is important to note that manufactured parts may shift and change depending on environmental factors for the life of the product. See Terms & Conditions for further definition.

This warranty is in lieu of any other warranty, expressed or implied. It includes replacement of the failed component. It does not include installation labor, nor does it cover any consequential damages caused by loss of use of the vehicle or failure of the component. Manufacturer’s maximum liability under this agreement shall not, in any case, exceed the price of the product claimed to be defective. There are no warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Online Warranty Registration Form

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