Compare Truck Bed Liners & Discover Which Bed Liner is the Best!

You may already have an idea of which kind of truck bed liner you’d like to purchase for your new or used truck. Maybe you have been considering buying a DualLiner, but you were also looking at other options like spray-in bed liners or perhaps even just a cheap bed mat. Before you make a decision that you may have to live with for the life of your truck (in the case of spray-in or roll-on bed liners), look at this truck bed liner comparison and make sure you understand what you’re getting.

Truck Bed Liner Feature Comparison

TRUCK BED PROTECTION DualLiner® Drop-in Liners Spray-in Bed Liner Bed Mats / Rugs
Does The Liner Help Prevent Bed Floor Dents By Absorbing Shock? YES YES NO MAYBE
Does The Liner Help Protect The Tailgate From Dents? YES NO NO NO
Does The Liner Help Protect The Front Wall By The Cab? YES YES NO NO
Is Cargo Protected From Sliding Around? YES NO NO MAYBE
Is There Complete Access To Tie-Downs? YES NO YES YES
Does The Liner Material Avoid Cargo Damage/Abrasion? YES NO NO YES
Easy, DIY Install? YES YES NO NO
Is The Liner Compatible With The Factory Paint Warranty? YES MAYBE † MAYBE YES
Can The Liner Be Transferred To Another Truck? YES †† YES †† NO MAYBE
Is Installation Independent Of Individual Installer Skill Level? YES YES NO YES
Is The Liner Custom Fit? YES NO YES MAYBE
Is The Liner Resistant To Chalking, Color Fading, Or Peeling? YES MAYBE NO YES
100% REAL Lifetime Warranty YES NO NO NO
Commercial Use OK YES NO NO NO
Is The Liner Free Of Hazardous Chemicals? YES YES NO YES
Can The Liner Be Installed Without OSHA Regulations? YES YES NO YES
Do Liner Chemicals Require Special Handling? N/A N/A NO N/A
Ships In A Box To Your Door? YES NO NO YES

†Liner may abrade, scrape and damage factory paint
††Liner must be transferred to an identical size bed

DualLiner is the best truck bed liner for your truck! Our skid-free rubber bed mat prevents your cargo from shifting or sliding around. The ZeroSkid® flooring is made of thick composite rubber, which means it can control cargo, plus it can absorb shock and still provide a soft textured surface.

Each DualLiner bed liner fits the contours of your truck’s bed. These thick, custom-fit UV-protected sidewalls offer maximum protection from dents and bed damage and the sidewalls are custom fit, they lock into place and cannot shift or slide around or scuff your factory paint.

This is a component bed liner, meaning multiple pieces lock together to form a complete bed liner. We’ve developed a special locking “C” channel that connects our rugged, plastic sidewalls and ZeroSkid® flooring together, so your bed is completely protected without resorting to drilling or expensive coatings. Do your own research and we’re confident you’ll see DualLiner is your best choice in pickup bed protection!

Watch our Video for More Reasons Why DualLiner is the Best

Watch our video at the left to see why DualLiner is the only bed liner that offers all this:

  1. Offers the best protection from dents or dings.
  2. The best cargo protection.
  3. Easy installation – no OSHA regulations or training required.
  4. Long-lasting durability and resistance to fading or chalking.
  5. A true lifetime warranty even for commercial use.
  6. Environmental safety.
  7. Easy to-your-door FREE Shipping via UPS Ground.

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drop in bedliner vs dualliner

Drop-In Bed Liners Compared to DualLiner

Drop-in bed liners are large pieces of hard plastic that slide into the back of your truck. On some models, the bed liner slides underneath the top of the bed rails, while other models feature an over-the-rail design. Most drop-in bed liners are not fully custom-fit to your vehicle. While they still protect your truck bed from minor dents, drop-in bed liners can rub the paint off of your truck bed and give way to rust. Also, be very cautious before choosing an over-rail drop-in bed liner: the plastic can rub off the paint finish on your bed rails, leading to more rust. Other factors to consider: The hard slippery plastic makes it very easy for your cargo to slide around in the truck. The last thing you want is heavy cargo, like a toolbox or machinery, slamming into the front of your truck when you have to make an abrupt stop. Drop-in bed liners don’t always give you full access to your truck’s tie-downs. If you want to purchase a drop-in bed liner, you’re going to have to find a dealer. Unlike DualLiner bed liners, drop-in bed liners are made from one big piece of plastic, which generally must be shipped via truck freight, but DualLiner bed liners ship free to your home.

Google is your friend! Just type in “drop-in bed liner rust damage.

spray on bedliner problems

Spray-In Bed Liners Compared to DualLiner

Spray-in, spray-on, paint on, or roll-on, however you refer to them, spray-in bed liners have been a popular choice among truck owners over the last decade. Their appeal is that the bed liner itself is mostly permanent and when they are installed correctly, they look good for the first few years on the truck. However, there are a number of things you should consider before purchasing a spray-in bed liner. First, before the bed liner can be painted on your truck, the paint must be scuffed, voiding your factory paint warranty. Once the painting, spraying or rolling begins, it’s a really messy project that is best performed by a skilled, OSHA regulated installer. Other factors to consider: The cost. The abrasive texture can damage your cargo and it doesn’t always hold your cargo in place. The paint material can chalk in the sun and tends to fade or peel over time. And since the material is directly adhered to the bed of your truck, paint-on bed liners won’t always stop dents of sidewalls or your tailgate.

Google is your friend! Just type in “spray-on bed liner peeling” or “spray-on bed liner problems.

Carpet bediner bedrug bed mat

Carpet Bed Liner Compared to DualLiner

A carpet or bed rug liner is essentially a carpet-like material, sometimes with a foam backing. Some prefer the soft look of the material and the ease of the foam on the knees. These types of bed liners can come as just a bed mat or coupled with sidewall rugs. Some users complain about stains that can occur when the bed liner comes in contact with liquids, paint, stains or petroleum products. Also, materials with frayed edges, like lumber or scrap metal, can snag the bed liner. While the major manufacturer of these types of products has a replacement guarantee, you have to foot the bill to ship the damaged bed rug back. One important thing to remember in winter, carpet can trap moisture and freeze and we’ve seen cases where the gap between the bed and tailgate was completely frozen.
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truck bed mat bedrug

Bed Mats Compared to Dualliner

A truck bed mat is simply that, a plain mat, like a throw rug for your pickup bed. Unsecured, bed mats can even fly out of the truck, fold or even slide forward since it’s not locked into place. (Have you ever been behind a truck when one flies out of a bed on the highway? Scary!) It is generally a piece of rubber that lies on the floor of your truck bed. A bed mat alone does not protect the sides of your truck, the wheel wells or the inside of the tailgate. A DualLiner includes a bed mat, locked in place, so you get a safe cushion for your bed as well as side protection.
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problems with spray on bedliners

No Protection

Whoa! You may be considering the option of not buying a truck bed protection system, at all. That’s a mistake. Placing just about anything in your truck bed and then driving around with it will cause scratches, dents, scuffs and rust. Make the smart choice and protect your truck bed with a DualLiner bed liner, today.
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bedliner comparisons and reviews

Protect Your Truck, Today

DualLiner bed liners are custom-fit to your truck with hard dent protection plastic and a heavy-duty rubber floor. With our bed liners, you don’t have to worry about water getting trapped between the truck bed and the bed liner floor. The DualLiner ZeroSkid® rubber floor has hundreds of soft rubber cleats built into its underside, promoting airflow and allowing water to drain away through the truck bed’s factory drain holes.
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