Why Didn't Anyone Else Think of This? Interlocking Technology Works Best

The patented DualLiner component bed liner system features five pieces* that lock together to form a complete bedliner. This means you get the durability of custom-fitted sidewalls and the cargo-securing stability of our thick ZeroSkid® skid-free rubber bed mat. A special “C” channel locks the components together to fully protect your truck bed without resorting to drilling or expensive coatings. See the DualLiner Difference.

*Four pieces for certain truck models

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DualLiner is the Original Modular Bed Liner System

There is a new generation of soft, rubber-coated bed liners like the BedTred on the market that claim to be not only super strong, but also easy to live with. Like our modular DualLiner system, these often come in several pieces that attach to one another to form a complete lining for the bed of your truck. But while the idea behind a soft bed liner seems appealing, the product you end up with is often less than ideal.

DualLiner Original Modular Bed Liner System

One of the main features of our DualLiner system is the ZeroSkid rubber mat that makes up the base of the bed liner. Other modular bed liner systems use a foam pad with a rubberized coating that secures to the bed with Velcro and zippers. But our ⅜ in rubber mat fits into channels in the impact-resistant polyethylene side panels without any additional hardware that can scratch the finish of your truck or get clogged with dirt. Plus, the design makes it very easy to remove any time you need to access the floor of your truck bed like when you need to use a fifth-wheel or gooseneck hitch without having to disassemble or remove the entire liner.

Additionally, to add rigidity to the foam bed mats, they're often molded to fit into the ribs in the floor of the bed where they can trap dirt and moisture that can cause corrosion. The soft rubber nubs molded into the bottom of the ZeroSkid rubber mat not only provide an additional layer of shock absorption to protect your bed, they also provide a channel for water and dirt to escape from under the mat.

Another DualLiner feature we're very proud of is the hard, impact-resistant molded polyethylene side panels that snap or bolt on to the walls of your truck bed. You won't have to put your faith in wimpy hook-and-loop tape that will stay behind or leave a mess when your pull your bed liner. And because each DualLiner is designed specifically for your make, model, and bed length, you won't need to modify the panels, or cut holes where dirt can get in to make room for bed accessories like lights and tie-downs. With DualLiner those are already molded in for you so you get the perfect fit for uncompromised protection.

Because BedTred is only coated with rubber on one side you also are vulnerable to ice in the winter. Time and again, we've seen similar products freeze solid when the foam core becomes saturated with water, leaving you with a rock-hard skating rink in the back of your truck that offers no impact protection at all. Not to mention that you won't be able to remove the bed liner while the zippers are frozen.

For a similar price, there is simply no competition. Avoid the so-called super-tough foam systems and choose a modular bed liner system that offers proven protection for the bed of your truck without the hassle of hood-and-loop tape, zippers, or the dangers of a frozen bed liner. Choose the original modular bed liner system that is often imitated but never matched. Pick DualLiner for your next bed liner.

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